I am webmaster for several sites.

They provide a good way of keeping updated on current developments in HTML & CSS.

All of the sites are hand-coded using Notepad++.

Restore The Montgomery Canal

Restore the Montgomery Canal logo

This is the website for the campaign to Restore the Montgomery Canal

Rhos on Sea Savoyards

Thumbnail of Rhos on Sea Savoyards site

Alison is a keen member of the Rhos on Sea Savoyards who put on two productions of Gilbert & Sullivan each year

The Rhos on Sea Savoyards site is is written using HTML / CSS.

Cantamus Conwy

Thumbnail of Cantamus Conwy site

Alison is also a founder member of Cantamus Conwy.

The Cantamus Conwy site is currently a work in progress but is written using HTML / CSS.

Useful Resources

Here are some resources that I find useful when creating websites

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