Folk Music / Guitar stuff

I am a great fan of folk, roots and acoustic music.

I attend several folk festivals each year, generally as a steward.

As a result of listening to this music, I started teaching myself the guitar using various web-based sources.

This page contains information and links to various folk and guitar resources.

Mike Harding Folk Show

Link to Mike Harding Folk Show site

Listening to Mike Harding's show on Radio 2 was largely responsible for getting me involved with folk music and festivals. He was dropped from Radio 2 (boo!) but went on to produce a weekly podcast featuring "the very best in folk, roots and acoustic music". Well worth a listen!

An archive of past broadcasts of the Mike Harding Folk Show are available from his site as well as lots of other folk related information.

Guitar stuff

Here are some sites that I have found very useful while learning the guitar.

Justin Sandercoe

This guy is an Australian living in London, UK. He has a massive number of free guitar lessons available at which got me started with the guitar. As a lecturer, I can recognise well structured lessons and courses and these certainly qualify!

Andy Crowley

Another great collection of free online guitar lessons available at

Ultimate Guitar

Massive collection of song lyrics, chords and tabs at There are often multiple versions posted by different people. Ratings system generally seems quite good for locating the best version. Useful transposition tool to allow you to change the key easily.

Wirral Folk Festival

Thumbnail of Wirral Folk Festival site

Formerly Wirral Folk on the Coast, the Wirral Folk Festival takes place each year in June. Great festival that attracts lots of great artist!

I have attended a few times now, stewarding for the first time last year. Will be there again this year.

Warwick Folk Festival

Thumbnail of Warwick Folk Festival site

The Warwick Folk Festival takes place each year at the end of July. It's a terrific festival; friendly and well-organised!

I have attended a few times now, stewarding twice and again this year!

Middlewich FAB Festival

Thumbnail of Middlewich FAB Festival site

The Middlewich FAB (Folk And Boat) Festival takes place in June and combines my twin loves of folk music and canals!

I was the Festival's Webmaster from 2011-2016.

Moira Furnace Folk Festival

Moira Furnace Folk Festival logo and picture of the Furnace building

The Moira Furnace Folk Festival takes place each year towards the end of July. It's quite a small festival but a good atmosphere.

I have attended as a steward a couple of times now. The site is at the end of the currently disconnected part of the Ashby Canal. Hopefully it will be connected at some point and I will be able to go by boat!

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Thumbnail of Shrewsbury Folk Festival site

The Shrewsbury Folk Festival takes place each year at the end of August and is one of the top folk festivals in the UK.

I have been a steward at the Festival many times mainly as part of the team who manage the entrances to the festival site.

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